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    Our technical consultants bring more than deep knowledge of the systems your business uses...


    No matter what size of database or the complexity of the system, our expert database developers will be able to deliver a system that works for you....


    All businesses both small and big organisation need network at Temmy Itech consultancy we design new network, we upgrade or extend to the existing network...

Developing information systems is not just about writing programs, information system are developed to solve problem for organisations. Our system analysis processes begins with gathering and interpreting the facts, diagnose the problems and we use the facts to improve the system. System analysis involves great variety of special skills in order to solve organisation problem and accomplish objectives. At Temmy Itech consultancy we possess these three types of knowledge and skills


Technical knowledge and skills:


We understand and know a lot about different types of tools and techniques for developing systems, we also work with other technical expertise and specialists because no one person can be an expert in all types of technology. As a system analyst we understand the fundamental about:


Computer and how they work


Devices that interact with computers, including input devices, storage devices and output devices


Communications networks and protocols that connect computers


Object-oriented design and programming


Operating system and utilities


Business knowledge and skills


As a system analyst we have the typical knowledge in business administration and management and those apply to understanding business organisation in general. After all, the problem to be solved is a business problem we understand the techniques that are used to complete specific system development activities which includes:


Project planning techniques


Cost & benefits analysis techniques


Interviews techniques


Requirement modelling techniques


Network configuration techniques


Database design techniques


At Temmy Itech consultancy we familiarise with the company and employees that we provide guidance on system needs and change, we also try and understand the company culture this is what make us an effective analyst.

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